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Day 4 of Techmas: How to become an effective I.T. Leader

Strong leadership is a prerequisite for running a successful business. In the world of tech, an effective IT leader will inspire and motivate its workforce, to get the very best out of them.

The key to this is solid communication skills, to articulate and share a vision. However, the tech market is also known to be introspective. This was recently confirmed in a study, revealing that 67 percent of IT professionals are indeed introvert.

For an industry that has prides itself on innovation, now is an opportune time for IT managers to hone their communication skills and find better strategies for effective leadership.

Leaders aren’t Born – They’re Made…

Look at any successful tech enterprise, and you’ll find a strong leader at its helm. Jeff Bezos at Amazon, Elon Musk at Space X. What binds these leaders, other than their obvious gift, is their ability to empower a workforce.

And the results speak for themselves. Companies that invest in training and developing managers reported 114 percent higher sales, 70 percent lower turnover and 71 percent increase in customer satisfaction, along with a whopping 90 percent lower absenteeism.

But leadership skills don’t just appear – they develop with experience. Leadership training is, therefore, something that every IT manager, HR department and tech recruitment professional needs to focus their efforts on more.

Developing Talent

So then, what can be done to assist IT leaders and IT managers in the tech industry? Well, it all starts with interpersonal skills, to improve the way you communicate and connect with your team. Here are just some of the useful techniques that IT managers should be demonstrating:

• Be honest, be vulnerable – It starts with an honest conversation with yourself. We all have an ego, but in order to progress, we must be clear about our strengths and shortcomings. Being aware of your vulnerabilities and sharing them with your team is an important way to connect with them and develop trust too. It also demonstrates emotional intelligence – a key component that any effective leader needs to possess, especially in tech recruitment.

• Express gratitude – It has been found time and again that employees who are shown gratitude are happier in the workplace. What’s more, they also outperform their colleagues and have overall better wellbeing. As an IT leader, you have the power to empower your workforce. Take time to recognise their efforts and hard work, and personally thank them for their contribution. It takes little effort and goes a long way.

• Welcome feedback – a good leader knows that it’s the sum of all parts that create results. So, listen to your team, invite regular feedback and build a relationship with each and every individual. Listening is a key weapon in your skillset and one that will serve you well.

• Get involved – All the best IT leaders are those that operate on a macro level as well as a micro. In simple terms – they know their teams, they know the problems they face and they know their individual strengths and weaknesses. Taking the time to get to really know your team is the best way to become a connected leader, and someone your team can trust and approach.

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stephen_kilgallonAuthor: Stephen Kilgallon

Stephen has recently relocated back to Ireland from Canada where he spent his time was spent working for the world’s 2nd largest recruitment company. Stephen has a proven track record in the building of technical and c-suite teams for globally recognised brands, SMEs and start-up organisations both locally and internationally.


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